Integrating Zebra Hardware With


There are huge benefits integrating Zebra hardware with solutions like the Legendary Supply Chain platform.  By integrating the Salesforce1 mobile app with customized and optimized screens for companies like Shared Imaging in Streamwood, Illinois we have reduced the time for cycle counts by over 50%.

Reduce cycle counts by over 50% and see it real-time in the cloud

Management was now able to see real time the counts as they occurred, and the team was able to almost instantly adopt the new hardware and user interfaces with very little training.

“Refining every user screen to be as intuitive as possible while eliminating any unnecessary clicking was central to our design for integrating to the TC8000 hardware from Zebra” said Bobby Steele, CTO of Legendary Supply Chain.  “We have continued our mission to Kill Keystrokes for users and drive a completely integrated user experience by integrating, testing and selling hardware with our SAAS solution.”

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