Material Master Overview

Material Master Overview For Legendary Supply Chain Power By Salesforce Lightning

Notes from video

  • A Material is different than inventory
  • Materials are one of the core areas of the Legendary Supply Chain platform and tie to nearly everything in sourcing, purchasing, engineering and finance
  • There are many pieces of dimensional data used to create reports that drive your business
  • Inventory is the specific qty of material you have in stock
  • We track serialized and non-serialized inventory and log every activity related to it physically and fiscally
  • Leveraging salesforce along with custom code (when needed) gives a LEGENDARY amount of flexibility to customize business processes to your unique way of working not how your ERP says you have to work
  • Manufacturers often change due to acquisition over the lifecycle of a product and the system can reference both current and original device manufacturer when needed on the material
  • Customers and technicians often have ”common” names for items that can helpful to track for material search purposes
  • Classifications are a multi-layered data element that can be used to structure your materials making it easier for you and customers to navigate complex material structure easily
  • Market price is a field that can be set manually by your org or can be configured to track automatically based on historical transactions and will be customized to your rule base and business process
  • OEM List price and Average Price fields are populated to manage the discount from a list price versus the market price to calculate discounts and manage pricing policies and processes
  • In the examples of related lists, all of the ways the material is a core component that connects your information for the majority of future analytics on price, spend and availability in the market
  • There are many custom screens optimized for lightening in the standard application when it is necessary to optimize screen real estate or build complex display relationships
  • Having a custom view that shows all related order information is helpful to eliminate unnecessary searches for information and all of the items are clickable for deeper drill downs as needed
  • Having information on all of the items that make a Bill of Material and then being able to reference Compatible Materials are critical areas of intellectual property to capture whether you are the OEM or needing to reverse engineer an item, this data will make you a genius to your customer