What is Sourcing?

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    What is Sourcing?

    Sourcing is the act of shopping for a needed item. This can be a fairly simple exercise or get extremely complex depending on the nature of the item.

    Sourcing can occur pro-actively which would fall under what many organizations refer to as “planning”, or it can occur only reactively as items are needed.

    Reactive sourcing in some organizations is an rare exception process, but in many service organizations, especially multi-vendor service organizations, it can be the rule and not the exception.

    The Legendary Supply Chain Application is built around managing processes such as reactive sourcing a primary application function, whereas most manufacturing centric software applications consider this an exception process to their standard functionality.

    Tracking every aspect of sourcing is critical and a huge point to gather intellectual property. Legendary’s software creates data with as a few keystrokes as possible to ensure all of these activities generates data to be analyzed for future purposes.

    Last Updated On December 29, 2019
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