Legendary services will optimize your investment in a cloud platform by focusing on adoption and customization for the unique elements of your business.


We will build custom apps for the unique elements of your business and even help you go to market.

Backlog Support

Our services model pro-actively manages your backlog of customizations.

Change Management

Beyond just implementing software, we have a team of executives to help you prepare for change and transformation strategy.


We can provide a range of development support in Salesforce.com, SQL, Java and integration support and partners.


We have over forty ISO compliant formatted templates to help implement our platform into your quality system and can help reformat changes specific for your organization.


We integrate to a variety of technologies and work with our partner network to provide solutions for system interoperability.

Project Management

Our most successful customers allow us to part of their extended team including the full management of ongoing technology and business projects.


Training should not be a one time event, and our services encompass ongoing training and refinement of platform adoption focused on user ability and readiness.

Warehouse Design

If you need help laying out or re-engineering the flow of your warehouse or facilitate new growth in an existing space, our team can help you prepare for your future.


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